Monday, July 13, 2009

Good-bye, Weekend! Hello, Monday (and Tuesday)!

Argh!  I forgot to bring my camera with me to Let Them Eat Art!  Some photographer, right?  I will just have to illustrate the evening for you with my colorful words.  Imagine you are me for a moment: You have bombed in the last three craft events you have done--so much so that you have not had to make any new inventory in the past month.  There is rain in the forecast, and the sky certainly does look ominous.  Secretly, you start to wonder why you gave up your shift waiting tables for the night.  Now throw all that out the window and you get my night at Let Them Eat Art!  The sun was shining (even when it rained for less than 5 minutes during the start of the event), women were walking around dressed up like Marie Antoinette, my sales were good, and I DID see a flame-throwing ice cream truck!  My parents surprised me and showed up halfway through the event, too.  Thanks, Mom and Dad--I really had to use the bathroom!  I couldn't resist trading with the lovely April Tate of Miss Lemon (and St. Louis Craft Mafia president) at the end of the night.  A coaster set and a couple note cards for these hair accessories made of '80s earrings and this to-die-for necklace!  I've worn the necklace every day since the event.  I strut a little more when I wear it.  You should absolutely check out her other goodies.  

Saturday isn't even worth talking about, as I shot a wedding that day and had one of the whiniest brides ever.  I won't mention the company I work for or the name of the bride.  Don't want to get anyone in trouble!

On Sunday I had the pleasure of taking some family portraits for a friend I've known for four years now.  That's right, I'm talking about Dave Lodewyck and his delightful family.  The whole clan was in town and called upon moi to freeze them in time.  Dave's mom will make you feel like you are the only other person in the room, and not a minute went by that someone didn't make me laugh.  Here's one of my favorite pics from the day. Oh, and aren't Dave and his AMAZING girlfriend, Mary, just adorable?
You may think my day had already peaked at 10:30 a.m. while I was in the Lodewyck presence, but wait, there's more!  Some of you may know that Joe has been cooking his little heart out every Sunday to make our week's meals (Thank you, Joe, as I hate cooking!), but this particular Sunday he outdid himself with a scrumptious foccacia bread.  He made the dough from scratch, but the key here was that he blended a POTATO in with the dough to keep it creamy, then topped it with spices and slices of tomatoes.  The bottom cooked crispy, and the top stayed doughy. I swear to you this bread tasted like mozzarella cheese pizza topped with tomatoes and spices.  Neither of us could get over how great it tasted, and Joe admits it's probably the best thing he's ever made.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  We just finished off the bread today, and I think we both cried a little when it was all gone.

Sherman certainly enjoyed the rest of his day, too.

Monday was a lovely day, too!  I started my day off with some photography in my fellow St. Louis Craft Mafia member Allison Walker Rabbitt of Squaresville's garden.  No, awesome garden.  First of all, when I arrived at her house she told me to ignore the smell, that she was simply making pesticide out of dish soap and peppers because bugs are eating one of her plants.  I'm already impressed.  Multiply my impression by 100 and you know how I felt when I walked into her garden.  By the way, she blogs about her garden and how you, too, can have one just as great here.  I'll try to remember even just a fraction of what all she has growing there: sunflowers that are nearly 10 feet tall, watermelon, corn, squash, peppers, dill (so fragrant!), hydrangea, money plant pods, zinnias...the list goes on--that's just what I can remember off the top of my head!  Not only does Allison have a garden that would put my dinky porch garden to shame, but she is one of the nicest people I've ever met.  Another one that makes you feel like you're special.  We had high hopes of finding a praying mantis to photograph--I REALLY want to start photographing bugs.  While her garden is usually the hippest place for these little guys to be spotted hanging out, alas, they must have known I was coming and decided to bolt for the day.  Maybe some gold finches?  

No...BUT I was able to capture a couple bees.  Boy, do I have a new found respect for people who photograph that insect.  Those suckers just don't stay still.  I'm going to post one of the bee pictures--please don't laugh.  I also took a very mediocre picture of a painted lady butterfly.  I feel like if I post the picture it will hurt my rep as a decent photographer. Maybe if I put a cool effect on it you won't think it's so terrible.

All the shots I did in the garden were macro. Here are some of my favorites.

After Allison's, I headed to a meeting with Cindy Vickers of Loosen the Leash.  This is a really great program in the St. Louis area that pairs up incarcerated juveniles with rescued shelter dogs.  The boys train the dogs for three months, making the dogs highly adoptable and changing the boys' lives for the better.  It's had great success.  I recently approached Cindy to see if I could do a photo documentary on the program, in which I will study it for at least a year in the hopes of printing a show, self publishing a book, and most importantly bringing more publicity to the Loosen the Leash.  Cindy gave me an enthusiastic YES! and I'll hopefully start photographing next week after the board approves.  Stay tuned for posts on that!  I'm so excited!  Speaking of dogs, last night was a lovely night for walking dogs at Stray Rescue.  It took a little longer because we were one person short, but Joe and I gave each of the dogs a nice long walk to drain that built up energy.  Two really great dogs have been adopted in the last week.  Enjoy your forever homes, Judas and Cletus!

And now Tuesday (for those of you who have lasted through this long post):  Today Joe took off work for Bastille Day.  No, he's not French, but he has so many vacation days built up at work that he is able to take off random days for the hell of it.  Don't think we didn't wish each other a happy Bastille Day, though.  We spent the day doing laundry and running errands (bought some kick ass Pyrex bowls made by the Unite Steel Workers--haaaaay!).  We spent nearly $80 on various nuts, trail mix, and power bars to bring with us to Iceland for the days we are away all day on tours, like The Golden Circle, bird watching, and whale watching!  We came home and finally, after months of waiting for season 7 to come out, got back into watching Degrassi: The Next Generation.  If you haven't checked out this amazing Canadian teen drama, you must.  It goes there!  Joe and I have been fans for nearly four years now.  We've already watched three episodes today.  It definitely felt like something in my life was missing while we weren't watching it.  
This evening we cracked open the cantaloupe we bought at Whole Foods today, and I took pictures of the viola, fig tree, and basil on our porch.  The melon is super tasty, and as you can see, the figs are almost ready to pick for eating.  The viola here is there very first bloom of the bunch, and the basil still has some grwoing to do.

Alright!  You have just survived my longest post ever! Congratulations on making it this far!  Phew!  More to come later this week!


  1. Oh, and I can't believe those pics are from MY yard! God bless macro :)

  2. Hmm....other comment didn't post---
    I take it for granted that the rest of the world doesn't have two green thumbs. It's nice to get an outsider's perspective on the wilderness that is my yard!
    Dogs==super cute and where do I sign up for walking?