Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yum Yums!

Let me catch you up on the recent goings on of the Birkemeier-Balmer kitchen:  It's yummy in here!  
A couple months ago we decided to ditch our electric coffee maker.  There were several reasons, but the main one was that it was, um, disgusting.  I'll just say that the coffee maker used to be white.  Blech!  Now we make coffee a la Mary Richards, aka Mary Tyler Moore.  We're using a Chemex now, folks.  That's right.  I might as well be working in a newsroom with Lou Grant, I'm using the Chemex so much.  You would have to come over here for breakfast and taste the coffee yourself to know how much better it tastes now.  In a word, it's delightful.  And it's fun to make.  And it goes grandly with homemade biscotti and strawberries.  Booyah!       

Those of you familiar with the Chemex may wonder where the cool wooden piece that goes around the center is.  We opted out because we didn't want the leather strap.  I know...but the wood is so cool looking...I know.  But it's less cool looking with dead cow wrapped around it.

As soon as buying cherries wasn't a waste of money you better believe we did so.  I love sitting on our front porch as the sun sets eating cherries and relaxing.  Joe can spit his pits well into the front yard, while my pathetic attempts don't even get me past the edge of the porch.  It's really very sad.

Over the 4th of July weekend I pet sat a household of three dogs.  Imagine my delight when I came home for dinner one night to find a heaping plate of homemade pesto and rotini along with a tasty vodka and watermelon concoction just sitting there waiting for me.  The cocktail was a new one for us both.  We had bought a watermelon the day before, and Joe didn't want to waste the juice so he used it in a surprise drink for his new wife.  I found this to be incredibly thoughtful, especially because I got to have my drink in our lone martini glass.  Oh, and the salt on the rim was highly complimentary...

I had to throw in that picture of the vodka bottle because we were in Iceland almost a year ago.  We totally miss it!!  I hope you enjoyed our food.  Happy tasting and drinking to everyone!

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