Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am SO Green With Indie

Over the weekend I participated (with the generous help of my parents) in the Green With Indie Craft Show at Webster University.  The [amazing] event was hosted by the St. Louis Craft Mafia, of which I am happily a member.  Crafters put their best work forward, turning out handmade items from recycled and reclaimed materials.  I walked around the show a few times and was blown away by all of the work.  I found myself saying, "Why didn't I think of that?"  I was able to claim packaging as my recycled material.  My coaster sets are bundled with reclaimed yarn, and my note card sets are backed with cardboard from used boxes.  Finally, I can soon say that the tile for my coasters is reclaimed, as well.  My mom referred me to a great store in St. Charles, MO called Leftovers, etc.  This place is crazy.  People donate unwanted items, such as coffee cans, cassette tape cases, even eggshells (!?) to the store, and crafters like me, teachers, and girl scout troop leaders fill up paper bags with the stuff they want and pay a cheap, cheap, cheap price for it all.  I filled up a bag with yarn and tiles for five bucks!  But I'm getting off subject.  Anyway, some of the work at the show was just chock full of upcycled goods--barrettes made from the buttons of an 80s dress (by Miss Lemon), old clothes transformed into new ones--I won a kick ass dress in a silent auction for $15!--(by Avant Apres Fashion), and address books made out of road maps (by Lock and Key Press).  Everyone's work has inspired me to try harder to work with used goods.  Up next--magnets made out of reclaimed 1'' square tiles!  

One of my cats, Sherman, helped me get ready for the show.

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