Friday, April 24, 2009

The New Era of this Blog

Hello Friends,

As you can see, it has been exactly a month since I have posted anything to this blog.  I'm having flashbacks of being a terrible journal keeper as a teenager and early 20-something.  I think the reason I've had trouble keeping this blog up to date is because I originally thought it could only be about my photography and the functional art I'm creating.  Not that it can't be about that--I still want it to be that--but since I hadn't done anything new with my work until this past week, there was basically nothing I thought I could blog about.  Aaaaaand, I'll admit I had the touch of the lazies, too.  You're totally dismissing the first excuse now, aren't you?  I can live with that. I've decided, moving forward, my blog is going to be dedicated not just to my work, but to my life in general--my family and friends, my interests aside from photography, and random thoughts.  I have a lot to put up today in order to play catch up.  I hope you enjoy.



Last year for Mother's Day, Joe and I bought each of our moms flowers to put in their gardens.  While at the nursery, I got inspired to put a little planter of our own on the front porch full of marigolds (which was my grandma's favorite flower) and greenery.  The flowers were fun to plant and looked great on the porch--I loved the combination of yellow, orange, green, and white.  I took several macro shots of the blooms, and one day I was lucky enough to find a spider the size of a pin head in its web and photograph it.  The web was gone the next day.  I think it's so neat that I have a shot of something that will literally never be in existence the same way again.  Well, this year, Joe wanted to step things up and turn our porch into a mini garden.  He chose some edibles he'd like to grow (he's the cook in the relationship), and I chose the flowers (I'm the one who can only think about what flower she's wants to photograph next in the relationship). We're growing spinach, basil, mint and a fig tree for the food items.  Side note: Joe's dad has a fig tree and the figs I've eaten from it have been a-m-a-z-i-n-g.  I love when they're green, not when they're the nasty Newton filling.  For the flowers I chose zinnia's, my favorite flower, and lavender, my favorite smell.  I'm really hoping the lavender will attract butterflies and bees.  Bees (?!), you ask?  Yes, bees.  Cause, you know, of the bee shortage.  Oh, and we're growing cat grass for Francis and Sherman to munch on.  The spinach will be ready to eat in a couple weeks and the mint could be used anytime for some mojitos and juleps, but everything else is still really tiny.  The zinnias won't be emerging from the soil for a little while, still, and Joe thinks the lavender might be dead.  I'm not so sure.  I'll be PHOTOgraphing the PHOTOsynthesis and keep you posted.  Because I know you really, really care about my front porch garden. 


  1. I care! I want to see "how does your garden grow?" :)

  2. Lavender is tough. I find that it dries out quite easily.

    If ya'll want some crazy hot peppers from Pakistan I can totally hook you up. Let me, Bryan, know and I'll mail them.

  3. Looks great! I'm hoping to have some success with my first garden this year:)

  4. Thanks for the comments, everyone! Bryan, I'm totally a wimp when it comes to hot stuff. Just enjoy an extra serving of them in my honor.