Tuesday, April 28, 2009

After the Rain

I will never cease to be amazed by all of the wonderful things I can find right in my own backyard--and by backyard I mean patch of grass separating apartment from parking pad.  Yesterday it rained, so today I really wanted to explore the yard and photograph what I was sure would be lush, beautiful growth.  Mother Nature did not disappoint.  I used my macro lens and had so much fun looking at the water beads still balancing on the delicate leaves of the clover and dainty petals of, well, the gorgeous purple weeds.  Weeds get a bad wrap, I think.

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  1. A-MAZING, Julie! And I don't think the purple weed is a weed at all, it looks like Wild Violet to me! In Wisconsin it's endangered so it's illegal to pick on public land - you can do whatever you want to it if it grows on "your property", though. My parents are lucky enough to have two patches growing, it's so lovely! At any rate, I love every one of these photos, such amazing detail!!