Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mama Dog and Her Boy: Belle and Truman

I love this story.  Belle and Truman came to live with my friend Meghan's mom, Marsha, about four years ago.  She and Meghan had recently lost their bichon frise, Mr. Beast (the cutest little man dog in the world), to an unexpected and very sudden death.  Marsha found a website (The name escapes me.  Marsha, help??) that is basically a place for people to talk about the pets they have lost, and it really provided a great outlet for her.  A woman ended up contacting her about a bichon (cue Belle) who was recently rescued from years of being at a puppy mill, and she was about to give birth to another litter.  The woman asked if Marsha would be interested in one of the pups (cue Truman).  After some thought, Marsha decided that she was ready for another furry little man in her life, and she agreed to take Truman.  When the puppies were ready to be separated from Belle, and the time came for Marsha to meet her new friend she also asked what would be happening to the mom and mentioned that she would be willing to take her, as well.  While this normally isn't common practice, the organization allowed Marsha to take Belle, also.  Belle arrived to her new home extremely nervous--she had no clue how to do normal dog friend things like walk on a leash.  But after a couple years of patience and devotion from Marsha, Belle came around and is now a very happy dog.  She likes going on walks, and she is always following Marsha around the house.  I got to see her snuggling first hand when I recently house sat for the pups.  I just love that Marsha was able to find the breed of dog she is particularly drawn to without supporting nasty breeders and cruel puppy mills.

Belle and Truman were so much fun to be around for a weekend.  Truman is quite the little charmer, and both are quite content to lounge in the sun.

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