Friday, October 9, 2009

Ode to My Brother on the 30th Anniversary of His Birth

The only fight my brother and I have ever had was when we were both kids; I'll say I was around 7 and he about 11.  It was over Micro Machines.  Jeff and I would go in the basement, lay pillows on the floor and then drape his moon and space themed comforter over them.  We would drive the Micro Machines over the terrain and then pull the vehicles into the Micro Machine parking garage.  I have no idea what the fight was over, but I do remember it resulting in us having to kneel on the kitchen floor for some time with our backs straight.  It hurt like hell, but I can assure you, my mom is not a cruel woman.  We've never fought since.  I guess if we've ever felt a twinge of anger at each other our knees begin to ache and we find a way to resolve the problem.

So, Jeff, on your 30th birthday I want to say thank you for all the things you've done for me from influencing my love for the original X-Men cartoon series (I wanted to BE Rogue) to encouraging me to follow my dreams, and all the other things in between: being a great friend that I could climb on our Sky Fort with, letting me win the occasional game of Mortal Kombat, watching movies and TV shows with your little sis, introducing me to good wine, and letting me cry to you about anything I want.  OH, and being my date for last year's ASMP holiday party and sitting on Santa's lap with me for a picture!


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