Monday, December 7, 2009

C is for Cookie...which is not good enough for me.

I don't care what letter "cookie" starts with.  All I care about is eating them.  Right now, I am sitting on top of Cookie Mountain.  I baked a dozen vegan chocolate cookies this evening (a lot for this household, as we don't normally have that many goodies around--I have no control over my sweet tooth when they're present), and I'm pretty sure this is the best batch I've ever, ever, ever made.  I used the same recipe I always use, but this time the cookies came out fluffy and baked so evenly.  Here is the one difference in what I did: I used a baking stone instead of an aluminum pan.  A few months ago Joe bought a stone because he got into baking bread.  If you haven't written your letter to Santa yet, you should totally ask him for a baking stone.  I don't care if you only bake cookies (or scones, or bread) once a year--you NEED one in you artillery.  I mean, check out how golden brown these suckers turned out!


Perhaps now you have the Cookie Monster song in your head.  Here's a link to the video for your further enjoyment.

In other deliciousness news, Joe made some awesome food over the weekend, including, but not limited to, a white bean soup and adzuki bean salad.  The soup warms my tummy and makes my taste buds smile.

And the salad is just damn good. Yum, radishes!

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